Kirk Norcross Has Made A Christmas Music Video And It’s THE BEST THING EVER

TOWIE star Kirk Norcross is our new favourite person after he uploaded this brilliantly hilarious music video for his brand new Christmas song.

The Essex boy ups the festive cheese to a whole new level as he and his pal, Zack Knight, sing, dance, wear Christmas jumpers, and make mannequin women come to life in these two minutes and fifty-six seconds of pure joy.

Kirk tweeted out a link to the video for the song, Who You Are, earlier today, and defended the utter cheese fest that it is, saying: “#Christmas songs are meant to be cheesy! #DealWithIt #WhoYouAre”.

Kirk, love, we adore a bit of Christmas cheese – it’s just SO unexpected from… Erm… You.

But still, this modern Christmas jingle is our fave since Leona Lewis took a whack at it last December, and we will definitely be having it on repeat until Boxing Day.

Here are our FIVE best moments from the ‘Who You Are’ Christmas video, and trust us, it was HARD to whittle it down to just five, enjoy!

1. His Dance Moves

Let’s get one thing straight, we never had Kirk down as the John Travolta of Brentwood, but even our cringe uncle can bust out moves better than this.

Why is he pretending to punch himself around the chops? And more importantly, WHY IS HE SO HAPPY ABOUT IT?!

One too many glasses of mulled wine, we reckon.

2. The Weird Mannequin Woman

Kirk and his pal Zack create this lovely blonde lady out of mannequin parts, then some kind of festive magic appears to bring her to life and the music video goes on as though she’s a totally normal girl… Errrm, alrighty then?

3. The Selfies


To be fair, if we had just created an actual date for ourselves out of creepy plastic limbs, we would probs take a selfie or three as well.

There’s just something very ’2014′ about this entire get-up…

4. The Facial Expressions

Okay, okay, we’re still trying to process that Kirk has seemingly proposed (?) to a girl he made earlier that day, kinda like a lovestruck Neil Buchanan of Art Attack, but can we please just take a moment to appreciate his ridiculous facial expression?!

<3 it.

5. Fun In The Snow

Because who DOESN’T love a good, old-fashion frolic in the snow at Christmastime??

This guy certainly does:

Kudos to you, 2014 – You really did leave the best song of the year until last.

Merry Christmas, one and all!

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