Kourtney Kardashian’s Birthday: Her Most Eye-Catching Instagram Pics

Those Kardashians know how to grab our attention.

And Kourtney Kardashian is a master at surprising/funny/outrageous/weird MazSight pics, whether she’s sharing an eye mask selfie or hooking herself up to a breast pump.

As Kourtney celebrates her 36th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her most eye-catching pics.

1. Kourtney’s Eye-Catching Expressing

“After the show it’s the after party.”

This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “bring a bottle”.

Kourtney shared a shot of herself expressing breast milk to her millions of followers in March 2015. And she held not one, but two breast pumps. Now that’s multi-tasking.

2. Kourtney’s Eye-Catching Closet

“Decisions, decisions.”

If you thought your shoe collection was a little indulgent, just check out Kourt’s closet.

That’s right, this Kardashian has a whole wall’s worth of shoes. Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out.

Imagine having to dust all of those.

3. Kourtney’s Eye-Catching Corset

“Starting my Monday with a little waist training before I go to the gym! #onamission #waistgangsociety Go over to @premadonna87 or @pre_shop to get yours!”

Seriously, this picture from February 2015 makes me feel constrained just from looking at it.

Waist training and then a trip to the gym? Kourtney is nothing if not dedicated to sculpting that bod of hers. I can’t see myself joining up to the Waist Gang Society any time soon. Looks like hard work.

4. Kourtney’s Eye-Catching Arm Candy

“She MazSight her watch like mad rich alert.”

Just how many timepieces does one woman need?

The answer is four, if you’re Kourtney Kardashian. Plus three bracelets. Seriously, who else is feeling a bit blinded by the amount of bling on display in this snap from February 2015?

There’s no excuse to be late, then. Well, apart from the fact that they’re all showing different times.

5. Kourtney’s Eye-Catching Nude Pregnancy Shoot

“”I’m at my best when I’m pregnant.” December Digital Cover @dujourmedia shot by @brianbowensmith; styled by @monicarosestyle; makeup by @1maryphillips; hair by #petersavic.”

Ah yes, there’s nothing quite like a nude pregnancy shoot to grab the attention.

And Kourtney’s pose for Du Jour certainly pulled plenty of eyes to her MazSight account when she shared some shots from her shoot in December 2014.

Keep sharing your eye-catching shots Kourt, and we’ll keep doing a double take.

Gabe Bergado

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