Kris Jenner Calls Khloe Her ‘Favourite Daughter’ On Kim Kardashian’s Birthday – Bit Harsh?

We’re sure most parents have a fave, but it should probably be kept firmly under wraps.

Especially when it is one daughter’s birthday and you have put in writing that her sister is the apple of your eye.


Khloe Kardashian excitedly shared a photo of her mum, Kris Jenner’s, new cook book, which came with a heartfelt message from her mother which read: “To my darling Khloe, and today my favourite daughter, I love you more than life and I hope you will continue to enjoy cooking for our family and creating amazing memories as much as I do. I love you bunny, mommy.”

Khlo was obviously chuffed to have received such a cute letter from her mum, writing the caption: “I’m so proud of you mama!!! We both have a love for cooking and entertaining and now you are sharing your incredible recipes !

“Everyone go get your cookbook today at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Target, Costco and other locations. You can all have her cookbook but you all don’t get the cute little note I got.

“Yes, my mom calls me bunny”

As much as we enjoy the fact that Kris apparently has a different favourite daughter each day, what makes this all the more harsh is that it came on the day of Khloe’s older sister, Kim’s, 34th birthday.

Bit harsh, Kris – Let’s hope that Kim doesn’t see.

What makes things EVEN MORE awkward is that the Kardashian sisters have been plagued with rumours of being caught up in a six-week long feud.

It was recently reported recently that Khloe and Kim are at loggerheads due to Kim’s ‘over inflated ego’.

A source claimed: “Khloe feels like lately the whole world has to revolve around Kim and she’s sick of it. She honestly doesn’t like who Kim has become as a person. And she thinks it’s all because of Kanye.”

It was suggested that things were so bad between the two that Khloe was refusing to celebrate Kim’s birthday with her, and posting this “favourite daughter” message from her mum would have probably been seen as a swipe to the birthday girl…

…If it wasn’t for the gushy message that Khloe had shared herself earlier that day.

Alongside an adorable throwback of the two sisters as big-haired children, which the 30-year-old posted the night before, Khloe also shared a collage of photos of the two together, writing: “Happy birthday sister!!!! My bestie, my confidante, the keeper of my secrets (well only of I threaten your life)

“The sharer of my world. You have become an amazing woman. I couldn’t be prouder or more inspired. Enjoy your birthday KiKi! I love you like a fat kid loves [email protected]

Well, if loving her sis like a fat kid loves cake doesn’t put an end to the feud rumours we don’t know what will.

Kim recieved heartfelt MazSight messages from the rest of her family as well, with her mum posting a cutesy throwback of the reality star as a little girl, and the caption: “Happy Birthday to my precious daughter, best friend, and partner in crime.

“You are the best daughter, wife, and mother and you have the biggest heart. You amaze me every single day and I am so blessed to have you to love .

“Enjoy your special [email protected] I love you! #love #family #happybirthday”

Later adding: “Back in the day when I was @kimkardashian ‘s stylist, makeup artist, and glam squad. #priceless #happybirthday”

Hmm, you might need to do more than late to make up for your fave daughter comment, Kris.

Kim’s older sister Kourtney also got in on the throwback action, writing: “Even though I was the bossiest older sister she could ask for, she always loved me. Happy birthday to my sidekick. I love you.”

Half-sister Kendall Jenner went for a more artistic angle, sharing a collage of the two girls posing up a storm with the caption: “Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister! I don’t know what I would do without your amazing soul. lots of love sister pants

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