Kris Jenner Gets Shoved Out Of The Way For Cara Delevingne And Kendall Jenner – WATCH

Kris Jenner was no doubt left feeling a little bit red-faced when she was unceremoniously shoved out of the way by security guards to make way for her daughter, Kendall Jenner, and Cara Delevingne.


The trio were en route to paris fashion Week when they fell into the total mayhem of a paparazzi scrum, with the tough security types attempting to get the celebs into their waiting car safely, only to end up causing even more dramz.

First we can see Kendall and Cara stride ahead of momager Kris, probs thanks to their supermodel long legs, and then security block off the route so that poor ol’ Kris can’t follow them through.


One particularly burly guard then puts his arm out to stop the 59-year-old from following the girls at all, so Kris desperately tries to grab hold of her daughter who is being pushed from one person to the next.

Err, excuse me mate, don’t you know who she is?

Well, apparently not actually.

Things then get even more chaotic as Kris’ bodyguard, Guard A, who is trying to get the star past the models’ guard, Guard B, then puts his own arm out to block Cara from following Kendall, obviously confusing her for a mere commoner.

Cara then shoots the Guard A a death stare and he promptly realises his mistake as Guard B finally notices Kris blimmin’ Jenner trying to break through his blockage and eventually all three ladies are safely in their car.

Phew, talk about chaos, eh? We’re exhausted just watching it.

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