Kristen Stewart’s Frowny Red Carpet Face Is Here To Stay

It is definitely her signature look.

Kristen Stewart has said that she doesn’t plan on smiling on the red carpet anytime soon.

Well, if it’s good enough for Posh Spice, we suppose.

Yep, Kris has said that she feels she can’t get her gnashers out all of a sudden for fear of a seriously negative from the public.

Speaking to Elle magazine, the actress said: “I feel like if I smiled in a paparazzi photo – not that I EVER would – that people would desercrate me for it.”

Hmmmm desecrate? Perhaps not. But we would probably need a few minutes to take in what had just happened.

The 24-year-old added: “They’d be like ‘Now you’re going to give it up! Now you’re a sellout!’ Like, OK. What do you want?”

And here we were thinking she just wasn’t too keen on her veneers.

Kristen also said in the interview how she won’t be ‘riding the wave of fame’ anytime soon for fear of being a ‘bag of chips’. RIGHT.

Why don’t we hand over to the lady herself to explain: “Never, at any point, have I sat down and plotted how I should proceed from here on. As soon as you start thinking about your career as a trajectory — like, as if you’re going to miss out on some wave or momentum — then you’re never doing anything for yourself, anyway,” she said. “Then you’re truly, actually, specifically working for the public. You’re turning yourself into a bag of chips.”

And NO ONE wants to ‘turn into a bag of chips’. Especially not a bag of potato smilers… 


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Josh Feldman

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