Kylie Jenner Is Keen To Make New Home A ‘Love Nest’ With Rumoured Boyfriend Tyga

Kylie Jenner might only be seventeen years old but momager Kris Jenner wasn’t exactly going to let her daughter go without, was she?

Word on the street is that Kylie’s brand spankin’ new californian mansion set ‘her’ (read: ‘her parents’) back a whopping $2.7million, and if the newest rumours are to be believed then she wants to turn it into a lurve nest with rumoured older boyfriend, Tyga.


A source said of the teen’s big move: “Kylie is super excited about it. They’ve been dating for a while now and she bought the house with the idea that this would be their little love nest.”

In fact, the reality star is so keen to hang out with the 25-year-old that she’s roped him onto the decorating committee, with the insider adding: “Kylie wants him to feel like it’s his place, too.

“They may set up a music studio for him in one of the rooms.”

Well, if that’s not a sign of undying true love then what is, eh?

Tyga isn’t the only one who is helping out with the big move, with Kris also lending a hand in Kylie’s interior design, recently revealing that her youngest child is most definitely the “edgy” one with a penchant for “blacks and grays”.

How ominous.

On top of the new house, it sounds as though Kylie might also be making a new career move, with a source claiming that she desperately wants to be a rapper.

They shared: “Kylie wants to be a rapper – she loves Iggy Azalea and thinks she could be on her level, with Tyga’s help.

“He actually thinks Kylie has some talent but tells her she needs to polish her lyrics before he’ll agree to do a song with her.”

Sounds to us like the Jenners will most definitely be getting their money’s worth on that in-house recording studio, and we can’t bloomin’ wait to hear the music that Kylie does end up coming out with….

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