Kylie Minogue’s Birthday: Her Best Throwback Instagram Pics

She’s a fan of a good ole’ #TBT.

And Kylie Minogue often gets nostalgic on MazSight, whether she’s posting pics of her first Neighbours audition or sharing her bonkers Eighties fashion moments. Mirror badges anyone?

As Kylie celebrates her 47th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her best throwback pics.

1. Kylie’s Sibling Throwback

“#nationalsiblingday @danniiminogue (and our amazing bro!!!!)”

Talk about a 241.

Kylie celebrated national Sibling Day by sharing this frankly uh-may-zing pic of her as a kid with bunches posing with a cheeky looking Dannii. Double the Minogue fun.

2. Kylie’s Hair Throwback

“Holy HAIR!!!! #tbt as @danniiminogue is performing at this year’s Mardi Gras in Sydney…”

Speaking of Dannii, just check out the Minogue sisters’ gravity defying perms in this beaut.

The siblings took the matchy matchy look to a whole new level by not only turning up in the same outfit but also with the same barnet.

Methinks a LOT of hairspray and backcombing was required.

3. Kylie’s Easter Throwback

“Hah…amazing….. Thanks @kylieheaven for my #Easter pic. #HappyEaster”

Kylie + rabbits = CUTE.

Mind you, those bunnies don’t look like they’re particularly impressed by Kylie or that carrot she’s proffering. Are they mad? We know plenty of people who would jump at the chance to by fed by Ms Minogue.

4. Kylie’s Album Throwback

“#TBT to 1988, my first album!!! #PWLboxset”

Anyone who grew up in the Eighties will have longed for a hat with a hole in the middle.

And curly hair to put inside said hat.

And that was all down to Kylie and this album cover in 1988. Still as amazing nearly 30 years on.

5. Kylie’s Neighbours Throwback

“Whoahhhh…. SUPER #TBT …. My audition for #Neighbours!”

This pic is just brilliant, but it doesn’t even slightly do Kylie’s ‘Neighbours’ audition justice.

Just Google it and watch the hilaire surliness that spews forth from a young Minogue’s mouth.

Keep sharing the throwbacks Kylie, and we’ll keep walking down memory lane with you (whilst wishing we were wearing *that* hat).

Ethan Anderton

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