Kym Marsh Opens Up About Vile Twitter Abuse She Received Following The Death Of Her Baby

Kym Marsh has opened up about the vicious online abuse she received following the death of her baby son, and we have to admit that it’s all pretty hard to stomach.

Kudos to Kym for staying strong during such a difficult time.

The Coronation Street star had a chinwag with the Daily Star about cruel Twitter trolls and vowed that no matter how nasty the abuse gets, she will not be forced to quit social media.

The actress shared: “I’ve had all sorts on Twitter – death threats, people calling me a home-wrecker.

“But the worst thing someone said was: ‘Remember when your baby died and I laughed?’

“Messages like that are just sick and you have to think they are coming from someone who is not well.”

We’ll never understand what goes through some people’s heads :(.

Kym tragically lost her baby son, Archie, back in 2009 when he was born eighteen weeks early, and although at times she finds the vile abuse hard to deal with she is keen to stand her ground.

The 38 year old added: “It is horrific to have to read something like that but I would never consider quitting Twitter.

“Trolls wouldn’t push me off there, I’m too addicted.”

In the past Kym has opened up about the nasty messages her daughter Emilie was sent after she auditioned for The Voice.

Speaking on Loose Women, the star said: “People are entitled to their opinions and people can say what ever they like about me but you can’t attack a child about her appearance.

“It was disgusting. It’s those kinds of people that add to the flames to things like eating disorders and it’s really bad. It’s so sick.”

We’re just glad to know that Kym isn’t going to let those trolls get the better of her.

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