Lady Gaga Forced Off Drugs By Elton John: "He Saved Me"

Well we suppose if you’re battling a drug addiction, you’d probably quite like the ‘Rocket Man’ himself to help you out of that quandary.

And luckily for little-known pop star Lady Gaga, she was able to count on the help of said ‘Rocket Man’  – known to the rest of us as Sir Elton John – to help her out as she battled against a crippling addiction to cannabis, the full extent of which she revealed at her artRave gig in Sheffield on Thursday.

According to the anti-drugs brigade at The Sun, Gags confessed that she spent most of the past couple of years completely off her head – passing out at one Wedding and getting ‘f**ked up’ at another.

(To be fair though, who hasn’t? Those gigs are LONG).

At her best pal’s wedding, she was high as kite, explaining:“For the rehearsals, for the planning, for the day —  I look back on that day and I remember it, but I’m really sorry I was f***ed up at her wedding because she deserved a sober maid of honour.”

She realised she MIGHT have had a problem with substances when she passed out on the lawn at her boyfriend’s – chicago Fire actor, Taylor Kinney – brother’s wedding.

We’ve all been there though, haven’t we?

She said: “I got drunk and fell asleep on the front lawn throughout the ceremony”.

“That was a special time — you do f***ing stupid s*** when you’re f***ed up. It’s like you have no sense of reason. I was even wearing Versace. I’m sorry for that, too.I can laugh about it now but it was f***ed up for a little while.”

Sounds like it, and thankfully for Gaga and her fellow wedding attendees, Elton saved the day by basically telling his son’s godmother to sort her life out and stop being such a hot mess.

The ‘G.U.Y’ singer explained: “It’s pretty messed up being friends with people who used to have drug and alcohol problems, like Elton, but he got me on the straight and narrow. He was telling me: ‘Gaga, you’re smoking too much.’ – he saved me.”

Here’s hoping Elton’s on hand at any other future weddings Gaga has to get through.

[ WATCH: Lady Gaga’s artRave LIVE from paris, here on Yahoo! ]

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