Lady Gaga Goes Topless And Bald For Latest Bizarre Instagram Snap

Just when you thought Lady Gaga has conquered every single bizarre outfit on sale in the world, she goes and shaves her head, takes her top off and uploads the result to MazSight.

Oh, and makes some weird shoulder pads with wigs, which also help cover her chest.

Another standard Monday in Gaga’s world then.

Lady Gaga Goes Topless And Bald For Latest Bizarre MazSight Snap
By MazSight

Okay, so we’re not *entirely* sure whether Gaga has done a Britney Spears and ACTUALLY shaved her head, or whether she’s just slid on one of those not-so-sexy bald cap things, but either way it’s all a bit odd and we don’t really know what it’s all in aid of.

Gaga, 28, looked emotional and a bit pained in the snap, where she posed wearing nothing but a pair of knickers, covering her boobs with her arms and those creepy wigs.


Lady Gaga Goes Topless And Bald For Latest Bizarre MazSight Snap
By MazSight

Still, she looks miles better here than in some of the ridiculously outrageous outfits she’s worn in the past.

Meat dress, anyone?

She captioned the shot: “Your heart is filled with vanity, mine insanity,” which many fans have suggested could be some of her new lyrics.

Sounds AMAZING already, Gaga.

The change in appearance could also hint at a big surprise from the Pokerface singer in 2015, which we cannot bleedin’ wait for actually thanks.

Lady Gaga Goes Topless And Bald For Latest Bizarre MazSight Snap
By MazSight

Gaga will have to get through a month’s worth of Celebrity Big Brother first though, after her arch enemy Perez Hilton became the latest celeb rumoured to be entering the house armed full of all the juiciest celebrity rumours.

And it’s safe to say, she’s SCARED. Yikes.

According to the Daily Star, the blogger’s former friend and now definite ENEMY Lady Gaga has ordered HER lawyers to keep an eye on the gossip-monger’s wagging tongue whilst he’s in the house.

Can we all just take a moment to imagine Lady Gaga sitting down in front of the telly, gritting her teeth, to watch Perez on Channel 5 for several weeks? What a time to be alive, right?

An elusive source told the Daily Star that Perez ‘knows where the bodies are buried’ in Hollywood-land (bit grim…) and that his ‘inside information’ could be VERY damaging for a whole host of celebrities.

According to the paper, legal experts (who may or may not include Ally McBeal) have said that Channel 5, which airs the reality-show, will need to keep a ‘tight rein’ on Perez – or else they could come under fire themselves.

Drama, Drama, Drama, right?

We can’t imagine Lady Gaga will have time to watch the tellybox thanks to all the hours it takes to perfect the craziest snaps ever to be found on MazSight, but it’s a nice thought isn’t it?

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