Lady Gaga’s Birthday: Her Most Bizarre Instagram Pics

She’s pretty out there most of the time.

And Lady Gaga enjoys sharing all those ker-azy moments on MazSight, from her surfboard yoga sessions mastering #crowboard to her wild nights with a blow up doll.

As Gaga celebrates her 29th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her most bizarre pics.

1. Gaga’s Surfboard Yoga

“What a wonderful day, Swimming Pool Yoga!”

If ever there was an image gagging for a Caption This competition, it’s this one from February 2015.

Us mere mortals might do our yoga in the privacy of our own homes or a normal gym studio, but not Gaga. Oh no. As if yoga poses aren’t hard enough, Gaga ratcheted the difficulty level up several notches by doing hers on a surfboard in a swimming pool. Nice view, Lady?

2. Gaga’s Blow Up Doll

“Even with all the strippers for the bride, us bridesmaids made sure Billy The Groom got some last night. Don’t worry we used protection!”

Gaga + a hen do was always going to = plenty of LOLs.

And the singer didn’t let us down during her pal’s bachelorette party in January 2015, posing in bed with Billy The Groom in all his *ahem* glory the morning after the night before.

3. Gaga’s Freaky Heads Backdrop

“Me and friend Sergey Brin in Cindy Sherman’s workshop. Such a brilliant mind. Having Holiday whiskey and picking brains. The future is exciting in this basement.”

It’s unsurprising that Gaga likes to hang out in some pretty unusual places.

But Cindy Sherman’s workshop with its array of decapitated heads has to be one of the creepiest. We can think of other, less terrifying, places to while away the hours of the holiday season in December. Santa’s Grotto, for example *shudders*

4. Gaga’s Relaxation

“Leave me alone I’m relaxing.”

Lying down in the comfort of your own home or in the beauty salon with a face pack soothing away the day’s stresses is a pretty normal way to relax.

What isn’t quite so normal, however, is attaching one to your face while travelling and using your phone and then sharing the results on social media. Props to you Gaga for multitasking.

5. Gaga’s Dog Hat

“It’s a bird… It’s a plane…it’s a hat. It’s fozzi bear!”

Gaga’s worn some pretty interesting hats/wigs/etc on top of her head.

But this actual real life dog in October 2014 has got to be her most interesting headpiece to date.

Keep sharing the bizarre moments Gaga, and we’ll keep dropping our jaws.

Michael Zhang

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