Lana Del-Rey Admits She ‘Has Slept With Alot Of Guys In The Industry’

Well she did release a song called ‘F*cked My Way To The Top’.

Lana Del Rey has revealed that she ‘slept with a lot of guys in the industry’ at the start of her career.


However, none of them helped her get a record deal which she reckons is ‘annoying’.

Wasted efforts, eh?

She told the August edition of Complex magazine: “I have slept with a lot of guys in the industry, but none of them helped me get my record deals, which is annoying.”

“I had a long-term relationship for seven years with someone who was the head of a label and I felt like I was that change of routine.”

In the end, we’re assuming she just had to do it the old fashioned way – by singing and being talented and that.

In the past, the singer has reportedly dated the likes of Marilyn Manson, Asap Rocky and even Guns ‘n’ Roses singer Axl Rose.

What an er, good looking bunch.

Lana is currently single since splitting from musician Barrie-James O’Neill, whom she first began dating in 2011.

She said previously: “We are currently not together. He is a wonderful person. But there are some things with which he has to deal. I will not explain it in detail.”

“This was hard on our relationship, I no longer felt free.”

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