Larry Stylinson Moment Ruined By A Flying Cup, And One Direction Fans Aren’t Happy

As we are all aware, public lovey dovey moments between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, otherwise known as #LarryMoments, have been few and far between these past couple of years, so you can only imagine the outrage when one on stage love-in at One Direction’s Brussels gig was disrupted by a fan throwing a cup at the boys.

We’re not angry, mystery fan, we’re just very disappointed.


All of our dreams started to come true on Saturday night’s gig when Harry turned towards “the one with the cheekbones” and appeared to be serenading him for the briefest of brief moments.

And then just as we were all getting swept up in the romance, crying over chicken wrapped in parma ham with a side of homemade mash and matching tats, a rouge bottle was thrust at Louis, he turned to look at it, and just like that the magic was lost.


Anyways, understandably, the Sherlock Holmes side of the 1D fandom who are absolutely convinced that Louis and Harry are secretly in a relationship and have been for the last five years were less than impressed with this mishap, and they have been venting all over social media about it.

Still, at least the boys are starting to interact a little bit more on stage, eh? And with any luck, these moments will continue without interruption from here on in.


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