Lauren Goodger Avoids Nip Slip With Full On BOOB SLIP In Celebrity Big Brother Pool

Awks much?

Lauren Goodger had *quite* an embarrassing moment in last night’s Celebrity Big Brother when her left boob broke free of her white swimming cossie and revealed itself to the world.

Those pesky one-strap costumes are just so unsupportive.

Lauren was having a drunken whale of a time in the CBB pool with fellow housemates, including Gogglebox’s George Gilbey, whilst  Ricci Guarnaccio and James Jordan spectated from dry land.

The TOWIE star made quite a show of running around in her drunken state before jumping into the pool and emerging from the water like a sexy Bond girl.

Apart from, we don’t think any of the Bond girls ever emerged with one boob hanging out.

Lauren also took last night as her opportunity to cuddle up to Ricci, giving him a quick smooch on the lips and flirting outrageously in a showmance that nobody EVER saw coming.

Oh wait a minute, that was George and Stephanie Pratt. Everybody saw Licci/ Rauren coming.

And we have consequently found perhaps one of the worse couple names in history. It will never work.

Lauren’s fun-loving frolicking in the garden came soon after it was announced that she will be facing eviction.

Now, we’re not saying that there is any correlation between her being nominated and her sudden attraction to Ricci from Geordie Shore, and we are sure that her left boob just got so excited at the prospect of leaving the house that it just couldn’t contain its excitement, but still… It is quite coincidental timing, don’t you think?

Well, Ricci certainly clocked onto her tactics as he  revealed to James that he is feeling used, saying: “She’s playing games… When I fall, I fall. I don’t play games.”

He even tried to warn her not to jump into the pool because even he, a 27-year-old man, could work out the impracticalities of jumping into a swimming pool in a one-strap cossie – advice that Lauren ignored, prompting Ricci to storm off when the inevitable happened.

Yikes, someone certainly isn’t happy – could he actually, genuinely fancy Lauren?

It’s either that or his PR team didn’t prep him on the definition of a ‘showmance’.   

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