Lauren Goodger: Before And After Surgery: Just What Exactly Has She Had Done?

There’s no denying she looks pretty darn different.

Since she burst onto TOWIE back in 2010 Lauren Goodger has reportedly spent a whopping £5k on a bid to improve her looks.

Pictures of the reality star entering the Celebrity Big Brother house last night got us thinking – just what exactly HAS she had done?

Well, there is speculation that she has undergone all sorts including 3D eyebrows, semi-permanent lip gloss and forked out nearly £2000k on hair extensions.

And the results have been drastic to say the least.

So much so that a leading plastic surgeon has told Lauren to slow down before she ‘ruins her looks’.

Starting from the top, it’s believed that Lauren has £400 on 3D eyebrows where semi-permanent pigment is used to draw on hairs.  She also apparently spends £100 on eyelash extensions.

At just 27-years-old also had work done to her whole face in the form of Botox. It’s reported that she spent £1k on injections in her forehead, eyes and mouth. Ouch.

It’s believed that she has treatments every six months but if she changed her mind that it would take nine to 15 months for the treatment to break down.

Lauren is also believed to have spent £1400 on hair extensions made from 180 strands of real human hair and splashes out £1000 on anti-aging laser facials.

But the main area of change has to be her lips. Lauren is believed to have spent £400 on fillers and £795 on semi-permanent lip gloss (who even knew that was a thing?!).

Cripes. No wonder we hardly recognize her from the girl who popped up on TOWIE four years ago!

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