Lauren Goodger Poses For EPIC SELFIE With Emma Willis At Celebrity BIG BROTHER Launch

Lauren Goodger, our favourite 27 year old reality ‘star’ *shudder*, was last night inducted into the hall of fame that is Celebrity Big Brother.

We’re surprised it hasn’t happened sooner tbh. 



Despite all of our girl’s controversy (booty pics/non-existent sex tape/life), she’s still managed to find some time in her busy schedule to take part in the gruelling three week process.


She looked gorgeous, sporting a somewhat conservative teal jumpsuit which fit her b-e-a-utifully.


A change. (Queue the ‘Oh no we didn’t/Oh yes we did’ schtick. Blah.)


But, hey! At least we’re complimenting her. Lest we forget the infamous Jason Gardiner telling her that she had “all the sensuality of a walrus on ice.” during her brief stint on Dancing on Ice in 2013.


Cold, Jason. Cold.


Anywho, back to the selfie.


In true Goodge-Goodge fashion an intense pout is brought to the fore, this time taking Emma Willis on this wild journey with her.



It’s Lauren’s time to “Show the real me – finally!”


What does that entail, you wonder?


Well, we’re not sure.


Having recently made a living out of nothing other than reality television, what can we expect?


We’re praying for a secret talent, if nothing else.


“Burp the alphabet. BURP THE ALPHABET!”


Or maybe she was talking about her fine derrière?



Perhaps just exhibiting of the typical “OOH”s expected of any Big Brother Diva as well as the CONSTANT exclamations of nervousness when she checked herself in the mirror before descending to her new short term bessies.


Our Lauren will be one to watch, telling us that she’ll be “Queen of the drinking games” and, of course, a polite warning: “Don’t mug me off.”



Wouldn’t dream of it, bab.


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