Lauren Goodger Poses in Unflattering Bikini As Michelle Heaton Slams Staged Weight Gain Pictures, Can we smell a fitness DVD in the pipeline?

Those Geordie Shore girls have got the whole bulking up and slimming down process down to a fine art, and could Lauren Goodger now be on the same road to Fitness DVD heaven?

Twitter seemed to smell a rat when snaps of the former TOWIE star posing in a rather unflattering bikini dropped on Monday, with fellow celeb, Michelle Heaton, making a thinly-disguised reference to her weight gain.

The 28-year-old looked as though she was having a whole load of fun on her beachside break from her fake tan business, but some people just weren’t quite buying that Lauren didn’t have a hidden agenda…

Just hours after the Essex girl’s newest bikini pics came to light, Liberty X singer, Michelle,  took to her Twitter account to moan: “If I see one more “celeb” “deliberately” put weight on .. Just to loose it “overnight” to sell “weight loss” DVDs I may have to scream! … [Sic]“

… Weigh loss is not overnight & neither is putting it on! Can we promote healthy weight loss people ? #justsaying#rantover and breath! X [Sic]“

Obviously realising how, ahem, coincidental the timing was, she then insisted: “Fyi – thoughts weren’t about any1 in particular I promise, no pointing fingers.

“It’s a general thought that’s been boiling away. #peace&love [Sic]“

Hmm, we’ll have to take your word on that one, babes…

Other Twitter users couldn’t help but agree with Michelle, writing:

Colin Lecher

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