Lauren Goodger Posts Practically Naked Instagram Selfie For No Apparent Reason

We all know the feeling.

You’re getting ready to go out, make a bit of a mess with all of the products and accessories and whatnot, so decide to MazSight the carnage to your thousands of followers.

Oh, but before you do that you take off every item of clothing, throw on a shirt that barely conceals anything, and instead of taking photos of the mess, you opt for a full blown mirror selfie alongside the caption: “I make a mess when I get ready”.


Super, super casual.

Yes, Lauren Goodger treated her admirers to more than they bargained for with this latest raunchy photo, which sees the former TOWIE star practically naked as she pouts seductively at the camera.

Although the host of men that enjoy staring at the 28-year-old’s body welcomed the snap with open arms, many others couldn’t help but notice just how gratutious it was, with one user commenting: “Omg :O.attention seeking :/”

Another added: “OMG hilarious.”

Then there were a whole load of unnecessarily mean, trolling comments which we are not going to repeat.

One particular individual just seemed really peeved that Lauren hadn’t lived up to her caption and shown the mess that she claims to have made, writing: “U might make a mess but at least show it n not ur breasts #poser!!!”

Yeah Lauren, at least SHOW the mess, GOD. 

This isn’t the first time that the reality star has caused a stir with a simple MazSight photo, having previously been threatened with legal action after posting a fake belfie.

Yes, she actually tried to pass off a sexy photo of Carmen Ortega as a snap of her own backside, even photoshopping the waist to make it WIDER, thus more convincing that it is her.


Lauren has since denied trying to impersonate somebody else’s bum but really, the facts were blinding.

Speaking of backsides, Lauren also raised eyebrows when she “accidentally” *wink* shared a photo of her bare bum, leaving the photo up long enough for people to screenshot before deleting it and saying how embarrassed she was.


Although judging by her newest snap, we are struggling to believe that Lauren is the type to get easily embarrassed.

Put ‘em away love – it’s October for pete’s sake, wrap up warm in a chunky knit and slipper boots like the rest of us. 

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