Lauren Goodger Responds To Mark Wright’s Rant: ‘He’s Right, This Is Embarrassing’

Lauren Goodger has responded to Mark Wright’s emotional Twitter rant that he posted this morning, and although she denies ever talking about her ex for the publicity, she does agree that this entire beef between them is “embarrassing”.

Well, isn’t it nice to get all of this out into the open, eh?

The Essex boy, who is currently sunning himself on honeymoon with his new wife, Michelle Keegan, was left reeling at Lauren “repeatedly mentioning” him in magazine interviews, and now a publicist for Loz has claimed that this really isn’t the case.

The full statement reads: “Mark is right – this situation is incredibly embarrassing. Week after week Lauren has to suffer endless source story lies printed about her in the press surrounding Mark.

“The list is as long as it is ridiculous.

“It’s hurtful for Lauren to constantly be painted in this way and for readers to actually believe it. That is why Lauren has taken to her own column in the past to defend herself against ludicrous claims such as the one that said she was going to gatecrash the Wedding.

“Anyone facing such embarrassing lies week in and week out is of course going to want to defend themselves.

“Lauren has privately been in a relationship too and this unwanted attention surrounding her ex of many years ago is certainly not welcomed.

“We would like to clarify that Lauren is paid the same weekly fee for her column every week whether it mentions Mark or not, and she has given no other interviews on him – despite the numerous offers.

“She once again wishes them nothing but the best.”

To be honest, it all seems pretty reasonable to us.

Mark is yet to acknowledge his ex-girlfriend’s response, but shocked fans earlier today when he sensationally broke his silence and begged Lauren to “have some respect” for himself and his new wife, and to “make her money” some other way.


It seems to us that Lauren has nipped this dramz in the bud before it could ever really get started, four for you, Lauren, four for you. 

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