Lauren Goodger Runs Away From The Creme Egg, Lunges Into The Gym This Easter

Whilst the majority of us have been spending our bank holiday weekend playing ‘How many Terry’s Chocolate Oranges can you swallow whole before you pass out’, our all-time favourite Essex girl Lauren Goodger has been – to quote Fergie -  up in the gym just workin’ on her Fitness.

And MazSight is her witness, ladies and gentlemen.

Now it takes a special kind of person to give up one of the few bank holidays a year we have in this country, and instead of vegetating on the sofa watching a compilation of ‘This Morning’ best bits, head straight on over the gym and start lunging as if your life depended on it.

But boys and girls, the kind of person who WOULD do that is of course the lovely Lauren, who was so pleased with her physical exploits this weekend she just simply HAD to show us.

After boldly and bravely announcing to the world that she’s had enough of being a ‘fat failure’ (oh babe…), Lozza’s been squatting and sweating like billy-o.

And like Hercules climbing mount Olympus, Lauren decided that the best way to ditch the flab was by stealing an unsuspecting small child, strapping it to her back and lunging like a mentalist.

KIDDING! It’s not a random child, it’s her niece, and she looks like she’s having the time of her life with Aunty Lauren (or being told to).

The 28-year old returned to the gym, and made a friend/too-trusting passer-by take a picture of her giving the exercise mat a right good seeing-to, captioning the image with some good old motivational thoughts.

“Training this morning #GoodFriday #only1 #InDeepThoughtsToday.”

“There’s a Difference between being skinny and being FIT – this my aim.”

And we have to admit, she is looking pretty fab.

Writing in her column for New! magazine recently, the former TOWIE star said: “I’ve had enough of being fat so I’ve started training. I’m working out with two of my mates who are motivating me to get into shape… I’m determined to make it work this time.”

“I don’t want to be a fat failure any more! I’ve set myself a target of training three times a week. I’ve said before I want a Miami beach body and the girls have spent time in Los Angeles and Miami so this time I hope I can prove everyone wrong and get the body I’ve dreamed of.

If you keep going at this rate Lauren, there won’t be any of you left to take to Miami!

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