Lauren Goodger Sex Tape Leak Leaves Her ‘Humiliated And Betrayed’

Chin up – it certainly didn’t do any harm to Kim Kardashian’s career.

Lauren Goodger has fallen victim to the celeb classic – the leaked sex tape.

The former TOWIE star is believed to be feeling understandably ‘humiliated’ after a six second clip of her ‘performing a sex act’ has been doing to rounds.

Can you imagine that news paired with your Sunday morning hangover? *shudder*

It’s believed the footage has been leaked by an ex-boyfriend as a sort of ‘revenge tactic’ for the way he reckons she treated him.

That plus the inevitable big bag of money he presumably received in exchange for his er, private screening.

A source told The Mirror: “Lauren is distraught that somebody who she trusted has allowed this to happen.

“She is furious it has been sent to so many people. It was a private moment and was never intended to be seen by anybody else.”

“But there is nothing she can do to stop it. Laws need to be changed to put an end to revenge porn.”

Now we are just waiting for the inevitable Tulisa-style explanation video.

Lauren is currently in LA where she has moved (not as a result of this video leak) to try and find work in glitzy Tinseltown.

It’s believed that she hopes a transatlantic hop could be just the thing to kick-start her music career. Hmmm.

“I’ve wanted to move away from Essex for a while because I’m sick of all the drama,” she told new Magazine.

“So I’m excited to say I’m moving to Los Angeles! My plan stay out there for three months, but nothing is set in stone.”

We hope this news doesn’t mean she stays out there for good! We know we certainly would be tempted…

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