Lauren Goodger Shares ANOTHER Explicit, Almost Naked Photo… Then Deletes It

Missing: Lauren Goodger‘s clothes

Last Seen: WHO KNOWS?!

Lauren Goodger made us choke on our tea again last night when she posted yet another snap of her near-naked body, but this one was EVEN MORE EXPLICIT than the last.

The 28-year-old treated her fans to the above shot of her laying on a bed, naked apart from a tiny, purple thong.


She captioned the gratutious photo with: “Good night #Belfie #KissMyA**” 

However, by morning the former TOWIE star appeared to have a change of heart, or a stern telling off from her nan, and decided to delete the snap after it had been left up for a good couple of hours, giving plenty of opportunity for startled fans to screenshot.

She then re-uploaded the same image but cropped the photo so that it is a little bit more… Erm… Tasteful?

Only a little bit more, mind.

Too late Loz, the damage has been done and our eyes can not un-see. 

This was the second time that Lauren raised more than a few eyebrows yesterday, with the cheeky bum pic appearing shortly after she posted a practically naked, raunchy photo of herself pouting into the mirror as she got ready to go out. 

Although the host of men that enjoy staring at Lauren’s bod welcomed the snap with open arms, many others couldn’t help but notice just how indecent it was, with one user commenting: “Omg :O.attention seeking :/”

Another added: “OMG hilarious.”

Then there were a whole load of unnecessarily mean, trolling comments which we are not going to repeat.

The photo was captioned: “I make a mess when I get ready,” and one individual in particular seemed kind of peeved that the reality star hadn’t lived up to it and none of the mess was visible in the snap, writing: “U might make a mess but at least show it n not ur breasts #poser!!!”

Yeah Lauren, at least SHOW the mess, GOD. 

This isn’t the first time that the reality star has caused a stir with a simple MazSight photo, having previously been threatened with legal action after posting a fake belfie.

Yes, she actually tried to pass off a sexy photo of Carmen Ortega as a snap of her own backside, even photoshopping the waist to make it WIDER, thus more convincing that it is her.


Lauren has since denied trying to impersonate somebody else’s bum but really, the facts were blinding and have in fact left us wondering if this most recent snap is just another impersonation as well.

Trust no-one. 

Speaking of backsides, Lauren also raised eyebrows when she “accidentally” *wink* shared a photo of her bare bum, once again leaving the photo up long enough for people to screenshot before deleting it and saying how embarrassed she was.


Although judging by her newest snap, we are struggling to believe that Lauren is the type to get easily embarrassed.

Put ‘em away love – it’s October for pete’s sake, wrap up warm in a chunky knit and slipper boots like the rest of us. 

We’ve seen enough of Lauren Goodger’s bum to last a lifetime.

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