Lauren Goodger Shows Off Impressive Weight Loss And Ditches The Pout In New Picture

Former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger is pretty much famous for her mahoosive pout and even more mahoosive light brown hair, so we got the shock of our life when we saw a new pic of the star that actually had us exclaiming: “Is that REALLY Lauren?!”

With incredibly dark locks and a big, cheeky smile, Lauren couldn’t look more different from her usual MazSight selfies if she tried, and on top of all of that we also couldn’t help but notice that the Essex babe has seemingly lost a whole load of weight.

Where’s the rest of you, Lauren? Although we’re still struggling to believe that the pout-shunning girl in this pic is actually her…

The snapshot was posted by Chloe’s Beauty Bar, based in Brentwood (where else?), who took to Twitter to share: “We had the gorgeous @LaurenGoodger in @ChloesBeautyBar for a big bouncy blowdry with Joel and brows with Bryony”.

We don’t know about you, but we reckon we could do with a visit to Joel and Bryony ourselves.

The full length shot of the 28-year-old has also given us a gander at her new slimline shape, with the star’s MazSight account proving that she’d ditched the selfies for fitspiration workout pics.

Lauren has made no secret of her weight battle in the past, previously lashing out at her former Essex co-stars Sam Faiers and Lucy Meck after they offered weight loss advice, saying that they were “naturally thin” and had “no idea” what she was going through.


Still, looks to us like she didn’t need Sam and Lucy’s help anyways because she is doing a ruddy amazing job at shedding the extra pounds all by herself.

And on top of that, she couldn’t look happier these days – keep up the good work, Lauren, a smile definitely suits you.

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