Lauren Goodger’s Airport Dancing Is The Most Fabulous* Thing You’ll See All Day

Wallflower and shrinking violet Lauren Goodger has treated fans to a candid video of just how fabulous her life is.

The 28-year-old former TOWIE star uploaded a video of herself on MazSight celebrating her landing in the US of A.

Dancing to barely audible music (more than likely as a courtesy to fellow travelers, god love her), Lauren can be seen rather slowly shaking her thing (jet lag perhaps?) all the while sipping on a flute of champers.

Life just doesn’t get more fabulous than that, does it people?

Although, we do have two questions after watching the video. 1. Where can we purchase her lime green visor from? 2. Where the heck did she get that glass of champagne?

Unfortunately, Lauren’s followers didn’t quite view the video in the way she might have wanted, claiming that the slow-mo sexy dancing was all rather embarrassing.

One user wrote: ‘cringing me out so much,’ while another posted: ‘can’t even watch

David Dickinson

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