Lauren Goodger’s Birthday: Her Most Pout-tastic Instagram Pics

She’s a pro at pouting.

And Lauren Goodger could teach us all a thing or two about how to take the ultimate pouting selfie, with her MazSight feed chock full of lip-smackingly plump poses. Whether on a photo shoot, chilling by the pool or preparing to ski, there’s always time for a pout pose pic.

As the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate celebrates her 28th birthday today, we’re celebrating with ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ star’s most pout-tastic pics.

1. The bikini pout

What better way to enhance your pout pic than with a bikini pose thrown in for good measure?

You know how it is. You’re on holiday, catching some rays, chilling out, then BAM it hits you. The only way to enhance this experience is to share it with the world via the web with a pout thrown in for good measure. And that’s precisely what LG did (four times, no less) on this sunny day in August.

Careful Lauren, your followers won’t know where to look first.

2. The more-the-merrier pout

“On way film big brother bit on the side thanks everyone for your support love you all xxx”

If you want to become a pro at pouting, rope in everyone you meet. The more famous the better, obvs.

Lucky for Lauren that Emma Willis was more than willing to get involved in the pouting selfie action in September when the ‘TOWIE’ star headed into the ‘CBB’ house.

Make a note of that high camera phone angle too. Perfect.

3. The collage pout

“Behind the scenes pic from my #Rihanna shoot #makeup #glam #noairbrush #notthereyet”

What’s better than one pout? A collage of pouts, of course. And that’s just what Lauren treated us to during her Rihanna shoot in June.

Pouts from different angles. Pouts in different stages of undress. It’s all here. And not only that, but also a collage within a collage. Where does it begin and end? It’s like a mobius strip.

Mind. Blown.

4. The pensive pout

“Wishing I was on holiday getting some booked Asap lol”

Pouting isn’t just an activity reserved for glam happy times. Oh no, pouting can be used to express deep, deep thoughts, such as wishing one was on holiday, just like Lauren did in May.

Need a clue as to which pouts are pensive? Look for the telltale finger resting on the side of the face. TOTAL GIVEAWAY. Thanks for the visual clue there LG.

5. The wink-and-pout

“Time for some more skiing #sunny”

Surely the hardest pout-and-pose combination, the wink-and-pout is tricky to master.

So tricky, in fact, that even professional pouter Lauren found it had to perfect the combo. Pouters, be warned, this is not a pose to attempt lightly.

Have a pout-tastic birthday LG.

Rob Cesternino

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