Lauren Goodger’s Not Happy With Sam Faiers And Lucy Meck After They Offer Weight Loss Advice

Lauren Goodger has admitted that she felt “disgusting” after some, ahem, less than flattering bikini snaps found their way onto the Internet, so you would think that she would jump at the chance to get weight loss tips from TOWIE Fitness fanatics’ Sam Faiers and Lucy Meck.

However, the 28-year-old is actually absolutely fuming with her old TOWIE castmates for offering to help her shed the pounds, and has claimed that their weight loss doesn’t count because they are “naturally thin”, so don’t understand the real challenge of getting into shape.

Uh-oh, we wouldn’t want to say that to the gorgeous Lucy, Lauren… Remember what she said about the last person to call her “naturally thin”? She works darn hard to get that bod, thanks.

Speaking to Now magazine, a source said of Lauren’s frosty relationship with her old pals: “After seeing the pictures, Sam got in touch and offered to help, but Lauren was incredibly offended and lashed out.

“She accused Sam of being patronising and trying to use her to boost her own profile, but Sam insisted she was just trying to help.”


Lauren’s falling out with Sam comes just after Lucy suggested that the selfie Queen should read her new book to get weight loss tips.

The source added: “Lauren feels she’s being attacked by the whole of Essex – she thinks Sam and Lucy, who are both size 8 and naturally thin, have no idea what she’s going through and she doesn’t want their help.”

On top of Sam and Lucy, Lozza has also fallen out with ex boyfriend Mark Wright’s sister, Jess… Again… After mocking the awkward [and untrue] rumour that the babe had only sold twelve copies of her sexy calendar.

So that’s three TOWIE girls down, and we’re starting to think that she might have a point when she says that the ladies of Essex are against her… Or is it her that is against them?

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