Laverne Cox Has An Emotional Meeting With Transgender Seven-Year-Old Fan

In today’s all-round heartwarming and fantastic news, Marlo Mack, the mother of a transgender seven-year-old, has recounted the inspirational moment that her daughter, simply referred to as ‘M.’, met her celebrity idol Laverne Cox.

And we probably couldn’t be more emosh about it all if we tried.

Well aware of the hardship that the transgender community face on a day-to-day basis, Marlo kickstarted a blog called ‘Gendermom’ to document her experience as the mother of a transgender child, and her latest post has caught the attention of the world.

On the blog, Marlo shared the details of an amazing day when she took M. to see the transgender star of Orange Is The New Black give a speech, explaining: “Orange is the New Black isn’t really appropriate viewing for seven-year-olds, but I had shown M. the photo of Ms. Cox on the cover of TIME when it came out last year, so M. had a vague idea that this was someone important who was also transgender. 

“But I don’t think she really got it until we showed up for the event. I think ours were the only kids in the audience. Most of the speech went over their heads. But here’s the message that I hope got through to them: Here is someone who is talented and smart and famous and beloved by the multitudes – and she’s also like you.”


However, it doesn’t stop there. Marlo had a loose connection to event organisers who managed to put the family’s name on the list to go backstage after the show, where her daughter got a chance to meet her idol.

Marlo said of the awe-inspiring moment: “Laverne waved her Hollywood wave at the crowd, thanked us graciously, and then looked down at the little girl blocking her path.

“’Well, hello,’ she said, ‘I’m M.,’ my daughter said. Laverne smiled down at her. ‘Hello, M.’

“’And I’m trans,’ M. said.

“I don’t think Ms. Cox saw that coming. The crowd around me gasped their approval, Laverne seemed at a bit of a loss.

“But M. knew what to do. She went in for a hug. Ms. Cox crouched down to meet M.’s hug at eye level, and as I frantically snapped photos for posterity, I heard her say to my daughter:

“‘Remember, honey, transgender is beautiful.’”


Definitive proof that Laverne Cox is beautiful both inside and out.

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