Lee Ryan Declares Himself Bankrupt

Oh god – poor Lee Ryan. He’s just been declared bankrupt, making him the fourth (and final) member of the band to have to deal with bankruptcy.

And, if we’re being honest – poor Blue! Seriously, have these guys been put under some sort of popstar financial curse? WAS IT LONGTIME RIVALS 5IVE WHO DID THIS TO THEM?!

The Mirror reported today that former Celebrity Big Brother star Lee is now being hounded by debt collectors, who are trying to claw back the money he apparently owes.


The band, currently on tour across the country (no wonder) have been beset by financial woes for a number of years, with their company Blueworld Ltd going under in May 2013.

The paper reported that Lee was forced into bankruptcy by a company called Capquest Investments Limited.

These lovely people purchase debts from other people and then try a more ‘persuasive’ approach to get their money back – whatever that means.

Of course, Lee and the rest of the Blue boys aren’t the only popstars that have faced money woes.

Fellow boyband-er Shane Filan of Westlife also went bankrupt after the economic downturn in Ireland massively affected his pennies.

Speaking about the fateful day where he was declared bankrupt, Shane said: “We owed £18million and that day the banks had demanded all the money back. So there I was counting out the loose change that I jokingly called the ‘rainy day’ pot. Well, it was raining very hard in Sligo that night, I can tell you.”

Last year, ex-Sugababe Mutya Buena also faced money troubles. The ‘MKS’ member and bum-implant enthusiast got in trouble with the bank after several of her companies (who knew she was such a little business-woman?) appeared to fall into the red.

One company, called ‘God Made Me Funky’ was owed  around £22,500 by Mutya (!) whilst another one called  ‘Sacred Three Limited’ was around £10,000 in debt.

And just last week we reported how Pete Burns was facing bankruptcy too.

Flippin’ heck – we’ll be stuffing £20 notes down the back of the mattress from now on.

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