Leonardo DiCaprio Pictured Shirtless On Beach, Smoking A Fag – OH THE GLAMOUR

Oh Leo.

Leonardo DiCaprio has proved he certainly isn’t one of celebland’s beachside posers.

Yep, rather than treat his hol in Miami like a surfside photoshoot like so many of today’s celebs, the Oscar nominated actor let it ALL hang out.

With ‘all’ referring to his Mum tum.

Kudos to Leo, we say.

To be honest, just WHO looks good on the beach anyway.

However, just what is this newfound enthusiasm for facial hair and well, just hair in general (man bun, anyone?) about?

Well, Leo is in pre-production for a film called The Revenent in which he plays a frontiersman called Hugh Glass who is nearly killed by a bear hunt.

A frontiersman who just so happens to have long hair and a big bushy beard.

Well, we think that’s his new, unkempt look explained, then.

However, while he may be getting into character with the beard, his beachy decorum is ALL Leo – quick fag and then casual leer at passers-by bum? Well, why not? HE’S ON HOLIDAY!

However, before everyone gets all upset that we’ve caught the 39-year-old in such an unflattering light let’s just remember a few things…

He is a gazillionaire award-winning actor who is never seen without a supermodel hanging off his arm.

Do you really think he gives two hoots about a couple of unflattering beach photos? Didn’t think so.

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Jolene Creighton

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