Liam Gallagher Spotted In The Pub After Claiming That He’s ‘Too Ill’ For Court Hearing

How to NOT fake being ill… 

Liam Gallagher of Oasis fame is due to get a good telling off from his solicitors after being spotted drinking in a London pub after claiming he was ‘too ill’ to go to his court hearing. 

The singer is currently in the midst of a child-support battle with ex-mistress Liza Ghorbani, with the key disposition taking part in New York City.

Liza claims that Wonderwall star Liam isn’t paying enough child support for their 21-month-old daughter, but the parka-jacket-loving rocker said that he was far too poorly to travel to the Big Apple and he couldn’t possibly show-up.

Unfortunately for Liam, eagle-eyed snoops spotted him socializing with pals in a London pub just 24 hours later.


Although we personally reckon a cheeky vino is the cure to all any travel-preventing illnesses.

Liza’s peeved lawyer, Ira Garr said of the incident: “Gallagher was supposed to be deposed last Friday, but his attorney filed an emergency application to the court because he was too ill to travel.

“It appears he has no great desire to be deposed.”


Liam was still married to his now-ex-wife, Nicole Appleton, when he embarked on a secret relationship with Liza back in 2011 and according to his mistress’ lawyer, the 42-year-old has been given no less than three different settlement offers so far, but his reps refuse to respond.

It is believed that Liam needs to finalize his divorce from Nicole, with whom he has a thirteen-year-old son, before he can reach any settlement with Liza, but that could take almost a year. 

However, Liza’s biggest gripe with the entire situation is that Liam still, after twenty-one months, hasn’t even MET his daughter, Gemma.

Soz Liam, we just can’t defend that one. 

Discussing the whole debacle, Liam’s lawyers waded in and insisted that the pub-revelling singer had been unwell but the dispostion has been rearranged for next week, and his client WILL attend.

The legal rep added: “We have exchanged financial information with Liza’s attorneys. It was vetted by accountants and was perfectly appropriate.”

And it would probably be a good idea for Liam to meet his daughter while he’s out there too. 

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