Liam Payne Admits He Was Drunk When He Sent THAT Humanitarian Tweet

So you know how Liam Payne made his big Twitter comeback with a super-lovely, tear-inducing Twitlonger about using his fame to be a humanitarian yesterday?

WELL, it turns out that he wrote the whole thing whilst he was drunk. MEGA LOLZ.

Don’t ever, EVER change, Liam. You Twitter king, you.

Also, question: How the HECK did he manage to write such a lovely thing whilst intoxicated? The best we can type when we’ve had a few is a couple of random emojis and something along the lines of “I fxkisdn lovef 1 dgeution.”

‘Cause we’re so classy, of course.

Admitting that a drunk, 21-year-old Liam is a philosophical, thoughtful and deep 21-year-old Liam, Liam took to Twitter to inform followers that what he wrote was “quite possibly the nicest drunken tweet I’ve done” (true story), and that “that’s what happens when you mix whiskey with political films.”

mbiyimoh g.

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