Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson Have Been Pranking Niall Horan And It’s Amazing

Oh, those One Direction boys and their never-ending japes.

Taking a break from the pressures of being part of the biggest band in the world and declaring war on Twitter, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne have been pranking their fellow bandmate and long-standing Irishman Niall Horan in excellent fashion.

Oh, and er… they might have just also revealed his number plate to the entire world, but let us not dwell on that too much for the time being, people.

Taking it very much ‘back to the old school’ in terms of giddy pranking, Liam and Louis teepee’d Nialls (very big may we add) car, covering it in (hopefully) unused bog roll and adding a few choice accessories, including:

  • an oversized teddy bear
  • a collection of garden tools
  • a copy of Billboard magazine
  • an umbrella
  • two dustbins
  • some sort of fur thing?

Sorry, we thought we were on an episode of the Generation game for a second there.

Anyway, it all looked like a barrel of laughs for all concerned, until the hastag #OhNoNiall started spreading around the world like wildfire, and it became very apparent that Liam had inadvertently snapped Niall’s number plate.


*sends several frantic emails to whatever the equivalent of the DVLA is in America*

Looks like Niall’s going to be in need of a brand new ride soon.

But it seems like Liam a) thought it was bare LOLZ b) didn’t really care too much, as he still hasn’t taken the pictures down and has only said the below about the whole affair:


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