Liam Payne Breaks His Arm, One Direction Fans Get #LiamBrokeHisArmOnHisAnaconda Trending – The Funniest Tweets

You can’t be superstar famous, be snapped in a photo with what looks like a cast on your arm, and expect nobody to notice.

BREAKING NEWS (Get it?): Liam Payne of One Direction appears to have broken/ fractured/ seriously damaged his right arm.

Well, it’s either that or he is making some kind of ridiculous fashion statement.

Fans of the popstar went into an actual frenzy yesterday when a photo of the 21-year-old with his arm in a cast was shared online by his friend, Andy Samuels.

Andy later revealed that the injury is a result of Liam trying out some new dance moves, tweeting: “We decided to break dance, he got carried away. You know how it is haha”

Eek, we’re guessing that there won’t be anymore break dancing from the One Direction boys anytime soon!

In a surprising twist of events, rather than inundate Liam’s Twitter page with Get Well Soon messages and have all the grapes in America delivered to the singer’s hotel room, the fans’ way of dealing with the news that 1/5 of their fave boyband was broken was to get the hashtag #LiamBrokeHisArmOnHisAnaconda trending.

All day.


The slightly rude implications only worsened as you delved deeper and deeper into the trend, but what can’t be denied is that, well… Those Directioners are actually quite funny:

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