Liam Payne Finally Does The Ice Bucket Challenge, And Victoria Beckham Gets Her Sons Involved

PRAISE BE! There is a God and he comes in the form of a boyband member in a wet T-Shirt.

Hubba hubba.

Literally, we pulled that exact same face when we heard that Liam Payne had finally accepted Cheryl’s nomination and done the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE.

As a side note, does anybody else wish that all the celebs would have just done their vids on the same day?

Because it’s getting hard to keep track.

Anyways, back to the very important matter at hand:

Among his nominations were Pharrell Williams (who knew that these two were pals?) and girlfriend Sophia Smith, who will no doubt be simply THRILLED to have a bucket of ice cold water dunked over her head.

Where do we nominate Liam for boyfriend of the year award?

What makes us wonder the most in Liam’s video, aside from when did little old Liam from the X Factor get so hot, is just who exactly are all the girls that did the dunking?

They look more than a little bit excited to be there – could they actually be… FANS??


We just so happen to be *excellent* bucket tippers.

Liam is the second One Direction member to fulfil our dreams whilst raising money and awareness for Motor Neurone Disease, following Niall who took part waaayyy back at the start of the week.

Niall nominated Louis Tomlinson and Zach Braff has nominated Harry Styles, but neither boy is yet to take part and poor old Zayn Malik hasn’t even been nominated.

We would like both of those issues to be addressed PRONTO.

Moving swiftly on, two days after tweeting that she was preparing for her Ice Bucket Challenge, Victoria Beckham was finally fully prepped and posted this video of her sons and hubby doing their bit for the ALS Association:

Teeny tiny Posh Spice is almost knocked over by the force of that water, but at least we got another reminder of what a good looking family the Beckhams are.

With David and eldest son Brooklyn already taking part in the challenge, Victoria also shared a video of 9-year-old son Cruz’s attempt, which is actually just adorable:

Made all the more adorable by three things:

1. Cruz nominating Wayne Rooney – yeah, go on Wayne, let Coleen get payback for you dropping that bucket on her head.

2. Cruz screeching and running about a mile (okay maybe less) down the garden.

3. The video ending with David saying: “Harper’s turn!” and three-year-old Harper saying “No.”

We actually just love the Beckhams.

Please adopt us. 

We are going to leave you with this final thought: More members of the Beckham family have done the Ice Bucket Challenge than members of One Direction.

Where do we file our complaint?


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