Liam Payne Is Totally In Love With Sophia Smith, Isn’t He?


Liam Payne is totally in love with Sophia Smith, isn’t he?

Just check out this mega cute Insta snap that he posted this morning.

The snap is cute enough and that’s before you read the very gorgeous accompanying message.

‘Me and the most beautiful girl in the world :)’ Liam wrote alongside the snap. N’aw! Who knew he was such a soppy so and so at heart?

The pair got together last year – confirmed officially FIRST to who else by Yahoo Celeb – after reuniting in Liam’s hometown of Wolverhampton.

Liam and Sophia went to school together and it’s believed that it was this that the 1D star was keen on – the fact that Sophia came before all the Directioner fuelled madness.

However, it was rumoured earlier this year in April that the pair had split after Liam wrote some rather concerning tweets that had some worrying that he was pining for his ex, Danielle Peaser.

Around the same time there were also rumours flying around that things between him and Sophia had cooled off after the couple were reportedly ‘growing increasingly distant’.

“Sophia’s worried that Liam’s growing more distant from her. He sometimes struggles to cope with the fame. It’s as if he’s taking it out on her,” a source revealed to heat.

“She wants to be the person who helps him through the good and bad times, but he keeps her at a distance. Then he posts cryptic tweets like ‘nobody really knows me’ at 4am.”
Liam Payne Is Totally In Love With Sophia Smith, Isn't He?
By MazSight

But by June things were well and truly back on track as Sophia was snapped hand-in-hand with Liam as One Direction were gearing up to go on tour.

Around the same time, Liam also uploaded a cute snap to his Instgram account of him posing with his gf and a certain Niall Horan.
Liam Payne Is Totally In Love With Sophia Smith, Isn't He?
By MazSight

And now it seems that the pair are ‘stronger than ever’ as they do say and we couldn’t be more chuffed!

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