Lily Allen Hides Her Left Hand Days After Being Papped Without Her Wedding Ring

Okay, we are seriously confused. 

Despite recently dropping a whopping three stone by apparently “eating loads of crisps”, and arguably stealing Miley Cyrus’ limelight as she joined her on her Bangerz Tour for ten gigs over two weeks in a variety of exciting countries, Lily Allen has been looking a little bit glum of late. 

A few days after being spotted moping around Tennessee by herself, Lils was snapped in Missouri with ex-boyfriend Seb Chew and -here’s where it gets really interesting- WITHOUT her Wedding ring.

Weird, right?

Well, it gets weirder.

Yesterday Lily tweeted that she was back on English soil for the first time in a month, and it seems as though before she even had her beans on toast and a nice cup of tea, as per her song chinese, she and her hubby of three years, Sam Cooper, were off to celeb hotspot Chiltern Firehouse (Where else?).

A united front in light of the wedding-ring-less snaps, you say?

Perhaps – but look closer, she is coyly hiding her left hand.


It is hidden in Every. Single. Picture.

She wasn’t lifting that sleeve off her left hand for anyone!

This combination of not wearing a wedding ring but then going out with her husband but then hiding her left hand is making us so confused our brains hurt a little bit.


The 29-year-old blasted back onto the music scene last Christmas after taking a break from the industry to spend time with Sam and their two daughters.

Since her comeback she has revealed that being a housewife wasn’t as fun as she thought that it would be and that she found domestic life “boring”, but still takes every opportunity to gush over Sam and her family, recently saying: “I still don’t feel worthy of my husband. He’s an amazing person. I am very lucky to even have contact with someone like that never mind be married to them and have children.”

And Lily’s most recent single, As Long As I Got You, is also all about how totally in love she is with Sam, even filming the music video at Glastonbury festival because that’s where she met him five years ago.

As sick as these massive proclamations of love made us feel at the time, we really, really hope that Lily and Sam aren’t headed for splitsville! 

There just has to be a rational explanation for all of this… Right?? 

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