Lily Allen Shows Off Her Amazing Bikini Body On Instagram Before Doing Ice Bucket Challenge

Looking good, Lily.

Lily Allen looked seriously hot as she posed up a storm in her latest Instagram picture.

Posting the above snap with the caption: “St. Tropez Lyf”, Lily instantly gave us some serious holiday envy, as well as making us regret that extra crumpet that we had for breakfast this morning.

Sorry Lils, we just refuse to believe that this bod is down to a diet of crisps and junk food. 

We’re just not buying it.

The envy continued when the 29-year-old popstar followed up with her rather snazzy means of transportation, this time with the caption: “PJ Lyf”

Which we assume stands for private jet, but who knows – she could just be really pleased with her pajamas.

Okay, we get it Lils, you’ve just finished touring with Miley Cyrus and are jetting off around the world to loads of glamorous locations with your amazing body and pink hair while we are stuck in an office, in the cold, eating doughnuts.

You win.

However, it isn’t all fun and games for a bikini-clad popstar, as Lils is one of the latest of many celebs to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. 

Everybody from David Beckham to Taylor Swift have been getting in on the biggest charity craze since the #NoMakeUpSelfie, which involves throwing a bucket of ice cold water over your head and nominating three others to do the same whilst making a donation and raising awareness for The ALS Association, an American charity for Motor Neurone Disease.

What Is The Ice Bucket Challenge ] 

Picking up at a remarkable pace, the Ice Bucket Challenge has apparently already raised millions of pounds and with more celebs jumping on the bandwagon as each day passes it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon.

So in this instance, moving in from the beach to the shower, Lily continued to show off her body (we’re also seriously loving her pink hair), and nominated the likes of Mark Ronson and Millie Mackintosh before actually squealing when she dunked the icy water over her head.

All in the name of charity, yeah?

You go, Lily!

Lily’s holiday comes as a well-deserved break following a ten-date tour with Miley Cyrus, nip-slip performances at V Fest, and masses of speculation about the wellbeing of her marriage, which the popstar angrily quashed over the weekend.

After being spotted out and about looking glum and without wearing her Wedding ring, we all naturally began to wonder about her marriage to Sam Cooper. 

Cue a mahoosive rant from Lily during her set at V, where she dedicated a song to her hubby before slamming the rumours, saying: “This song is for my husband, who I’m very much still with – so f*ck anyone who says that I’m not.”

Eek, that sure showed us.


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