Lily Allen’s Birthday: Her Most Colourful Instagram Pics

She’s a fan of bright colours.

And Lily Allen is happy to share her rainbow-hued world with the rest of us via her MazSight accounts, from “one last hurrah on the hair front” to fluoro nails.

As Lily celebrates her 30th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her most colourful pics.

1. Lily’s Colourful Toenails

Yes that’s a beaut of a view and everything, but just LOOK at those toenails.

Green, orange, purple… why go for one bright colour when you’ve got ten toes to host them?

2. Lily’s Colourful Outfit

“Sometimes I just wish people would leave me alone. We’re all entitled to our privacy. #jk @chanelofficial #monaco #baldelarose”

Gah now every outfit we try on pales in comparison because it doesn’t involve bright pink roses.

Even Lil herself joked about the attention-grabbing Chanel outfit she wore to the Rose Ball in Monaco in March 2015.

3. Lily’s Colourful Cake

“Cake cake cake @sebchew birthday bash”

Talk about “taste the rainbow”.

Of course Lily would share a pic of the most colourful of all cakes.

All we can say is lucky Seb Chew to get such a corker for his birthday in January 2015.

4. Lily’s Colourful Unintentional Colour Palette

“Unintentional colour palette”

If Lily is drawing attention to the colourfulness of her own pics, then you know there’s some pretty high octane colour going down.

This collage she shared in January 2015 was chock full of bright hues. The pink hair and red balloon combo is a particular fave.

5. Lily’s Colourful Lady In Red Moment

“Thanks Boys @mbusa #MBAmbassador”

Maybe it’s just the light, but EVERYTHING about Lily in this pic from February 2015 looks RED with a capital R.

Bow, sunnies, dress, shoes, car. Talk about a master class in colour co-ordination.

Keep sharing the colourful snaps Lily, and we’ll keep updating our hair dye/nail varnish/clothes.

Ethan Anderton

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