Lindsay Lohan Claims That She Personally Wheeled Whitney Houston’s Body To The Morgue – SAY WHAT?

This is why we love Li-Lo.

Over the years, there have been many occasions where something that Lindsay Lohan has said has made us stop everything that we are doing in either utter disbelief or total amusement, sometimes both.


Well, our fave flame-haired actress might just have topped everything that she has ever said before with her latest slightly outrageous claim.

According to Linds, she personally wheeled Whitney Houston’s body to the morgue.


Speaking to the Telegraph about her 2011 community service stint at the L.A. County Coroner Office, Lindsay said: “”It was “f***ed up and inappropriate.

“Because a lot of other people were meant to do it, and they were like: ‘No, they can’t handle it. Lohan can.’ It’s different for me than it would be for other people.

“Like, no one would really have to work at the morgue in L.A. and roll a body bag for Whitney Houston.”

Well, at least you’ve come out of it with a pretty interesting story, hey Lindsay?

Although, many people who… Well, have access to an internet search engine, have since discovered that as fascinating as this story is, there is no actual way that it can be true.

Records show that the 28-year-old served her twelve-day community service at the morgue in October, 2011.

Whitney Houston died in February 2012.

So we don’t know who you were rolling a body bag for, Linds, but we highly doubt that it was Whitney.


In less far-fetched news, the actress also discussed her recent move to London, blaming her Oprah Winfrey documentary (the incredible one shown on TLC this side of the Atlantic) for her decision to leave the US. 

Lindsay explained: “After the Oprah show it was kind of hard for me to be in New York. There started to be paparazzi, and I didn’t have that in New York in the beginning…

“Every time I left my house, they were at the corner.”

To be fair, Lindsay, you are one of the most fascinating celebs around… What do you expect??

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