Lindsay Lohan Crashes University ‘Fresher’s Week’ Party!

There is quite literally nothing about this story that we don’t love.

Lindsay Lohan showed up at a London Fresher’s Week bash last night – one which was aimed at helping those frisky students find luurrve.

Can we just say HOW LUCKY these students are?! When we were at uni we felt  blessed if someone from Neighbours showed up once a year.

The Sun reported today how La Lohan rocked up to a ‘live Tinder’ (HUH?) event called ‘Night of Desire’ – held at the Cirque le Soir club.

Is it us or does ‘Night of Desire’ sound like some sort of promotional event for a sex club in Romford?

Apparently, guests were expected to take selfies the entire evening, which were the projected onto a massive screen for everyone to metaphorically ‘swipe right’ or ‘swipe left’.

Sounds great, if public humiliation and despair is your thing.

Anyways, it was obviously right up Lindsay’s street – selfies, inebriated young men and Tinder are basically her fave things ever, right?

The 28-year-old actress – who’s currently staying in London whilst she takes to the stage in ‘Speed The Plow’ – arrived at the venue in true student style, at 1:30 AM.

Just HOW does she do it, eh?

A member of staff told The Sun : “She arrived with a group of mates and danced until about 2am before sneaking out.”

Oooh, what a scamp!

Suddenly our fantasy of becoming pals wth Linds after bumping into her in a 24-hour ASDA doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

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Colin Lecher

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