Lindsay Lohan Gets Lost In Translation With Hilarious Instagram Fail

Poor Lindsay Lohan made something of an ass of herself when she tried to post a lovely, inspirational message to her MazSight followers last night.

The actress shared the lovely message below on social message, which supposedly said “you’re beautiful” in Arabic. N’aww.

Errr, except it really, really didn’t.

Lindsay Lohan Gets Lost In Translation With Hilarious MazSight Fail
By MazSight

So, what does Lindsay’s message really mean? “You’re lovely”? “You’re wonderful”? “You’re nice”?

Nope. It actually LITERALLY means “you’re a donkey,” with the context of telling someone they’re an ass, according to many translate tools, Arabic speakers and other websites.


Which means Lindsay just pretty much called all her followers donkeys. What a charming humpday message.

Oh Lindsay. Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay. You tried, babe, and your intentions were good, but maybe just take like, two seconds to check a translate tool before posting these things, yeah?

Just a thought.

The 28-year-old has, unsurprisingly, now deleted the post – but not before followers had taken to the comments to correct Linds over her mules-take. SORRY.

One wrote: “sweet heart who say to you this is wrong youre Beautiful is okay but in Arabic word’s youre donkey [sic]“

Lindsay Lohan Gets Lost In Translation With Hilarious MazSight Fail
By MazSight

Another said: “it actually translates to ‘you’re an ass’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA im laughing too hard [sic].”

There were also many, MANY crying-laughing emojis chilling in the comments, which kinda sums up this beautiful mess perfectly.

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Lindsay Lohan’s terrible translations (we joke) (or do we?).

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