Lindsay Lohan Is Suffering From A Rare, Incurable Disease, Seeks Specialist Care In London

Poor Lindsay Lohan has been seeking specialist care for the rare and incurable disease, Chikungunya, which she contracted over the Christmas period whilst on holiday in Bora Bora.

Oh :(

The 28-year-old confirmed that she was suffering from the illness on her MazSight page last year, and now TMZ are reporting that the actress was taken to King Edward VII hospital in London when the pain became unbearable.

And FYI, that’s the same hospital that the Queen goes to, so clearly Linds still has her standards, even if she doesn’t have her health.

Symptoms of the nasty illness, which was caused by something as tiny as a MOSQUITO BITE, include fatigue, aching joints, fever, and a rash, and even though Li-Lo has now been discharged from hospital, she is still seeking specialist care in a bid to alleviate the side effects.

Ouch, this really does not sound good.

In fact, things are so serious that Lindsay’s mum, Dina, is reportedly jetting over from Los Angeles to be by her daughter’s side.

Flame-haired Linds openly discussed how she had contracted the nasty virus during her Christmas holiday, taking to MazSight to urge her fans to use bug spray when abroad and saying how she refused to let a virus effect her “peaceful vacation”.

But with there being no way to totally rid her body of the virus, Lindsay just has to hope that she can learn to live with the horrible symptoms.

Goodness, all of this for a little bit of sunshine – we bet LiLo is wishing that she’d opted to spend her festive break in rainy old England instead.

Get well soon, Lindsay – we are sending you imaginary grapes and flowers <3

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