Lindsay Lohan Is To Move To London Permanently With New Banker Boyfriend

Lindsay Lohan has revealed that she and the city of London are in it for the long haul, so long as London doesn’t mind being cheated on with her sexy new fella, of course.

Yes, you heard it right – our fave flame-haired actress is ditching the LA lifestyle for good after she fell in love with good ol’ Blighty when she stayed here for West End play Speed-The-Plow – And it’s not just because of the fish and chips.

Speaking to The Observer, 28-year-old Linds said of London: “I can go for a run here on my own.

“I do every morning, early. I needed to grow up and London is a better place for me to do that than anywhere else. In LA I didn’t know what to do, apart from go out every night.”

And the troubled starlet, who shot to fame when she was just eleven years old, is also loving one of the UK’s greatest institutions, adding: “You turn on the news in LA and it is all gossip about people. All the stuff that is going on in the world right now and this gossip is the news?

“I love the BBC. I haven’t heard myself mentioned on TV since I have been here. That has been really weird for me, and great.”

However, it’s not all BBC and early morning runs that have New York born Lindsay hooked, according to a friend the actress has found lurve with a successful banker in the city, which is another BIG reason why she is so reluctant to move back home. 

The pal told The Mirror: “Lindsay has made her mind up, she has loved her time in London and wants to stay.

“She is so happy there, she’s got her boyfriend who she absolutely adores. She hopes that this one will work out.

“What she loves the most is that she is able to leave her troubled past behind her in the UK.

“Lindsay feels that she’s done in America, that all of the problems she had won’t be forgotten, that she won’t be regarded as that young girl who took drugs and went to prison.”

Ooft, when you put it like that we can totally see why you would want to stay, and we have to say that we are definitely happy to have her.

And Lindsay? If you ever need a London-based BFF then feel free to give us a call <3.

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