Lindsay Lohan Stands By Her Leaked Sex List, Which Claims She Slept With Justin Timberlake


Lindsay Lohan remains adamant that the 36-strong list of her celebrity lovers that leaked earlier this year is absolutely true.

Speaking to The Sun, Li-Lo revealed that the sex list was a very personal thing that she wrote in rehab:

“Writing that was one of my steps in AA, the anonymity of that should never have been leaked – someone stole that and put it out. And it’s a really cruel thing to do.”


Although you have to admit that it was pretty convenient that Lindsay had the foresight to include all of the surnames of her totally personal and anonymous, stolen list of conquests, which includes some mega stars such as Justin Timberlake, the late Heath Ledger and James Franco. 

We totally refer to everyone that we have slept with by their FULL NAME too. Just in case any doubt is ever cast over who they are when the information is “cruelly” leaked. 


Perhaps the most awkward thing of all about the whole incident is just how quickly, and how strongly, some of her alleged conquests were to deny it, with 127 Hours star, James Franco, even going so far as to write an actual short story about how he turned Lindsay down when she was “begging” to come into his hotel room.

This came after he had already dubbed poor old Li-Lo “delusional” and swore on his mum’s life that he never had sex with her. 

That’s how passionately he felt about letting people know.

Following Franco’s denial, Maroon 5′s Adam Levine soon followed suit, saying that he will “swear on anything that you ask” that he did not have sex with her and even contributed to James’ suggestion of Li-Lo being a tad on the delusional side by adding:

“Here’s the problem: I bet you if we brought her in here and you asked her to her face ‘Did you have sex with James (Franco)?’ she’d say yes.”

Alright boys, calm down we get the picture – Lindsay isn’t really that bad as she??

Lindsay admitted that hearing these denials “really hurt” her but insisted that she would never spill any details of her sexual encounters, despite the fact that she is currently getting help from frisky 50 Shades of Grey author, EL James, in writing an autobiography.

Which will apparently be “like a Harry Potter series” as she “won’t be able to fit it all in one book”. Presumably with less magic, broomsticks and Hagrid though, right Lindsay?

Or does Hagrid’s name make an appearance somewhere on that list?


Linds moved to London this year in the hope of a fresh start and to get away from the madness of Los Angeles.

From next month she will be taking to a West End stage as she stars in the play ‘Speed-the-plow’, which will be her very first stage role.

Which, by the way, we can’t bloody wait to see.


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