LITTLE MIX Celebrate Three Year Anniversary With Adorable INSTAGRAM POST

Has it really been three years since Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jade were plucked from obscurity to form everyone’s favourite girl band Little Mix?


Yes actually, it has.


Last night the girls celebrated their third year together, sharing a photo from their tour alongside a rather heartfelt message.


It read: “Thank you to al the fans who came to the show last night it meant so much, perfect way to celebrate our three years xxJadexx”


Little Mix have blasted the charts ever since their debut single ‘Cannonball’ swooped in to steal the heralded Christmas number one.


They’ve got an almighty SIX UK top ten singles and have seen both of their albums in the top five.


A major feat for our four feisty baes.


Our girls’ May 2013 debut to the US outdid the legendary Spice Girls, in all their fierce glory, being the first UK girl group EVER to jump in with a top five spot.


These gorgeous creatures have also wracked up an impressive lot of awards recently too.


In this year alone this sassy-set have won five music awards with two of the lot being fan choice awards.


It’s one of the reasons we love them – how much they adore their fans.


The ‘Mixers’ are a lucky troupe of followers who, despite having the girls’ US tour cancelled in order to get a third album out, love love LOVE their idols.



A-NOTHER reason we can’t bear to be without them is how much they hate Zayn Malik’s fans.


Perrie, the band’s leading lady, is dating none other than boy wonder Zayn Malik. (Dreamy, right?)


And, of course, those die-hard Directioners are sending a fair bit of angst her way – something about being pale, we don’t know either.


Anyway, Perrie hit back telling OK! Magazine: “I’m an English Rose, thank you very much. I’m not going to dye my skin orange,’ said Perrie. ‘I’m working too hard taking America by storm to fake tan.”


Look at you, girl! Feel your lady like ways! Yaaaas!


Jesy threw in: “Can I just say, all the people hating are just stupid little Zayn Malik fans.” She said it – leave us out of this.


All-in-all, they’re darling.


And besides their being darling, they’re SICKENINGLY beautiful.




Ugh, what we’d do to be them…


Their achievements are super.


Nae, super-DUPER.


And we ‘Salute’ them… geddit?


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