Little Mix Defend Black Magic Music Video: ‘It’s About Confidence, Not Being Cool’ – EXCLUSIVE

After what feels like absolutely bloomin’ ages, those gorgeous Little Mix girls are back in our lives with some brand spankin’ new music and the promise of an amazing second album.

Needless to say, we are VERY excited about it all.

Which is why when we caught up with the lovely Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirwall we really had to talk about absolutely everything, including the music video to their new track ‘Black Magic’, which debuted on Friday.

Addressing the small amount of criticism that the vid gained for apparently showing ‘geeky’ girls wanting to change themselves in order to become ‘cool’, Jade exclusively told us: “We have probably all been that person at one point and it isn’t about being cool, it’s about being more confident in yourself.”

Leigh-Anne added: “We hope that people understand the message, and the message is that the potion we take is confidence.

“That’s what we are giving the girls around the world; if you have a little bit of confidence you can do anything and it’s so important to believe in yourself, and that’s what the message is.”

Phew, we’re glad that we cleared that one up.

Going on to address the fact that they have squillions of adoring fans who look up to Little Mix as their role models, 22-year-old Jade shared: “We’re just ourselves, we didn’t think that we were going to be role models but it is a lovely thing to be.

“Obviously sometimes we do mess up, we’re not perfect, but I think that helps to make people find us relatable.”

Speaking of the fans, both girls agreed that being hidden away as they prepped their second album made them seriously miss their ever-loyal followers, with Jade telling us: “We were so bored, not having anything in the schedule, once you have a taste of not having it anymore it makes you want it more than ever.

“We have so much hunger now and completely appreciate it more; we missed seeing the fans and meeting new people and we missed performing.”


She continued: “We are definitely back and we are ready to take on this world, now that we know our sound and album is right we are ready to kick a**.”

And that is exactly what we wanted to hear, talk about girls after our own hearts, eh?

Ahead of their much-anticipated album release, the fab foursome are set to headline The Frankie & Benny’s Rays of Sunshine charity concert this Sunday at the Royal Albert Hall, and they are super excited about getting the chance to give poorly children a ruddy amazing night.

Jade told us: “The kids are going to be there and will have such a good night, putting a smile on their face is literally the best feeling in the world, it’s really rewarding.

“We can see it in their eyes, wow, to be able to give those kids that memory is just insane.”

However, hearing the children’s heartbreaking stories can be seriously emotional, with the popstar adding: “It’s so hard. When we did Sport Relief it was so hard to just keep yourself together while you are performing, I have to try and block it out before I go on or I’ll actually cry.”

Leigh-Anne feels the same, telling us: “You have to think about the money we are going to raise and exactly what we are doing it for.

“We have to be strong for them.”

Further evidence that Little Mix have four of the biggest hearts on the planet we reckon, good on ya girls – it’s fab to have you back. 

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