Little Mix: ‘It’s Annoying When People Say We Must Argue Because We’re Girls’ – EXCLUSIVE

Being a member of one of the world‘s biggest girlbands must be pretty fab; especially when the girlband in question is Little Mix, which means that you are totally gorgeous and super talented, as well as really bloomin’ nice.

Still, all of those positives don’t come without their fair share of downfalls, and when we sat down for an exclusive chat with Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock we found out that good ol’ fashioned sexism is what makes them the most mad.

And, to be fair, who can blame them?

Speaking about the bad rep that girls, especially those in bands, get, Jade ranted to us: “People expect us to have full on catfights and hate eachother, but we genuinely don’t.

“That might sound boring, and it does get stressful, but we all get along. We are like sisters, we are with eachother every single day and see eachother everywhere we go.

“We are on the bus together, up early together, in eachother’s pockets 24/7 and you just become like a family.”

Leigh-Anne agrees, adding: “It’s annoying when people say that we must be arguing because we are a girlband; we genuinely don’t, if we have a problem we say it and we are very honest with eachother, and that’s the way that you have to be.

“We have so much fun together and it’s crazy because we are with eachother all the time but we never get sick of one another. We know how to handle eachother now, everybody’s got their thing that annoys the others.”

So, if everybody has those pesky annoying habits then what are their ones?

“Where I’m a perfectionist, that probably gets annoying when I’m nit-picking about everything,” Jade explains, “When I’m tired I get very quiet and when somebody asks if I’m okay I just shout, ‘I’M FINE’.

“…Other than that, I’m pretty perfect.”

She might have been joking but, to be honest, we find that pretty easy to believe. 

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