Little Mix Tell Aspiring X Factor Contesants: ‘You Better Werk’

Back in the summer of 2011, those bad-ass Little Mix ladies were nothing more than an vague notion in Tulisa and Gary Barlow‘s heads. Then they went and only won the entire flippin’ show and, well kids – the rest is history.

But the girls issued a stark warning to any future X Factor hopefuls yesterday, saying that they better work hard at this old show-business game, or else they’ll be out on their backsides.


Speaking to those lovely boys and girls at The Sun, the girls said that lots of the acts just expect success to happen – but gently reminded them that,in the words of Britney Spears – You Better Work

Perrie told the paper: “When we came off the show we never sat back and thought, ‘That’s it, we’ve won’. We knew that people would be expecting success from us so we had to deliver it.”

Jesy added: “If you come off The X Factor and expect everything to be handed to you, that’s when it falls apart. That’s where a lot of artists that come off the show fall down, they’re there and then they’re gone in a flash. We had to work so hard and I don’t think people realise that. It was never easy, but we kept that mentality up and that’s why I think we’ve been successful.”

Jesy then had a pop (quite rightly, if you ask us) at people who slam X Factor competitors who say the show isn’t credible – maintaining that it gives struggling artists a platform to showcase themselves: “Anyone that says it’s not credible, I’d like to see them give it a go.”

“That’s what annoys me about people slagging off The X Factor – it can give you a platform to go from sweeping the streets or working in Tescos to being able to change your life, and why diss that?”

“If someone’s been given an opportunity like that then good on ‘em.”


The girls are currently gearing up for a performance tonight at (the quite frankly legendary) London club night, Sink The Pink.

Drag-queen enthusiast Jade told Attitude magazine: “I can’t even begin to explain how excited we all are, I went to last years Winter ball and had the time of my life, I told the girls straight after that we just had to do it the next year and here we are. The crowd are incredible and I know it’s going to be one of the best gigs we do!”

“We love nothing more than putting on a show, so expect fabulous costumes, dancing and maybe a surprise! We are literally counting down the seconds!”

As are we babe, as are we. All we need now is to whack on ‘Black Magic’, pour ourselves a daiquiri and cover our body in glitter and we’re good to go.

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