Lorraine Kelly Wants Katie Hopkins BANNED From Her TV Show

She might have years worth of experience under her belt, but TV presenter Lorraine Kelly has revealed that she would struggle to maintain her professionalism if faced with the mammoth task of being nice to Katie Hopkins.

Don’t worry, babes, we think you’re in the majority there.

Speaking to the Daily Star, 55-year-old Lorraine has admitted to being absolutely outraged by the former Apprentice candidate’s controversial tweets, and even wants her banned from appearing on her show.

She explained: “People are usually there to promote something, so they’re always ok. Certainly with me, I’ve never had any nonsense.

“But with Katie Hopkins, now there is someone I’m not sure I could be nice to. I think I’d draw the line there.

“When people come on my show I treat them with the respect I would expect in return. But there are always exceptions. I don’t want to ask her on.”

40-year-old Katie has been causing more dramz than usual lately after upping the ante on her scathing tweets in order to offend as many people as possible.

As well as saying that the wife of Jewish Labour MP Ed Miliband should “gas herself”, she also quipped about Ed being autistic, and had some pretty below-the-belt stuff to say about immigrants.

Not cool, Katie, not cool at all.

Surprisingly, the Celebrity Big Brother star is yet to comment on Lorraine’s words against her, but if we know Katie it won’t be long before she does.

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