Lou Teasdale: ‘Touring With One Direction Feels Like One Big Gap Year’ – EXCLUSIVE

Lou Teasdale is just one of those all-round perf people that you can’t help but love. Not only is she super talented in the hair and styling department, absolutely gorgeous, AND ridiculously lovely, she gets to tour around the world with four of our fave ever boys.

If we didn’t love her so bloomin’ much, we would say that life wasn’t fair, but we’ guess we’ll let her off this once.

The 31 year old has been joining One Direction on their treks across the globe ever since they were teeny, tiny new kids on the block, and this time around they finally got a two month break inbetween On The Road Again tour legs, which means that Lou has had some time to herself too, in which she decided to help launch a fab new hair braiding tool from Scunci. 

Catching up with Lou at the launch of the twistastic product, while she legit braided our hair, we had a little chat about what life on the road with 1D is really like and, well, it’s even better than we first thought.

She told us: “It felt like one big gap year; this time around we have gone to places we haven’t ever been to before and everyone’s families came out and it’s just been really good.

“They put the break in, and it’s been really nice, we are starting again on Friday with the UK and european leg.

“You just pretend that you’re on a gap year, it’s nice, we get to sunbathe and things like that.”

Gah, we have to admit it. We are very, very jealous. 

Lou currently has Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister, Lottie, joining her on her OTRA adventure as an assistant, but if she ever needs another one then we hope she knows who to call… 

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